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Alu Pole Clamp

This new design of Pole Clamp is to connect sickle with Pole 32mm dia. Made of aluminium material. Very strong connection. As the Pole 32mm dia is without any cutting (at the side), this new Alu Pole Clamp can enhance the lifespan of any aluminium pole 32mm then. More cost saving can be achieved.

Alu Double Clamp


Made of Aluminium. Very Solid. It will apply on Pole 32mm dia and Pole 38mm diameter

Double Clamp

Very simple design of double clamp. We have 2 sizes of it for the connection between 2 poles:
a. Pole 32mm dia and Pole 38mm dia
b. Pole 38mm dia and Pole 44.5mm dia Very easy to instal.

Magnifico Poles

1. The Magnifico Pole 38mm with 9.1m length and Magnifico Pole 42.3mm with 7.6m length

Super light and easy to carry around. Harvesters can increase their productivity by both Magnifico poles to harvest FFB from 13m to 18m height of palm trees.

Harvesters uplift, harvest and move around these Magnifico poles very efficiently.

Very affordable. Much cheaper than carbon fibre poles.


2. Uplifting the Magnifico poles

A small sized harvester can lift the Magnifico poles.

No need to create very thick and long aluminium poles for tall palm trees. Use our Magnifico poles for very tall palm trees.


3. Using Magnifico Poles to harvest

Magnifico poles is a total solution for all harvesters around the world. Very affordable and super light to use


4. Moving Magnifico Poles to another tall palm trees

Harvesters can easily move the Magnifico poles around or to another palm trees.


5. Uplifting and lowering the Magnifico poles

A demo to show that harvester can uplift and lower down the Magnifico poles easily without any damages.

Special Harvesting White Sickle (Code: 900) & Black Sickle (Code: 901)

It made of super high-grade spring steel that goes through a special tempering and forging process to enhance sharpness.

For the white sickle, the raw materials used are imported from Germany and that contribute to the higher quality in its cutting edge.

Both products have 3 sizes, i.e.

a. Small for palm trees from 8’ to 20’ height
b. Medium for palm trees from 20’ to 35’ height
c. Large for palm trees from 35’ to 55’ height

Superior White Sickle (Code 933)
It is more sharper than normal white sickle. For those harvesters who want to increase productivity, they may try this first. Suitable for palm trees with height more than 12 metres.


Professional White Sickle (Code 988)
The sharpest and strongest sickle of all and it is suitable for palm trees with height more than 12 metres.


Supercut Gold Pole (Code 918)
The poles can be anodized into few colour options like Gold, Green, Blue, Red & Pink 


Pole Rubberized Grip (Code 925)
It is used by harvester to enhance the gripping on the pole clamp harvesting 

Loose Fruit Hand Basket (Code 920)
Another convenient way to collect loose fruits from the field
Choice of Green/Yellow Colour 


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