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Pole Clamp (Code: 912) & Pole Clamp – Special (Code: 913)

It uses to tighten the Harvesting Sickle and Harvesting Aluminium Alloy Pole.

Double Clamp (Code 914)
It uses to tighten and connect the 2 different sizes of Harvesting Aluminium Alloy Poles

Black Sickle Holder (Code 915)
It is used to hold the sickle and being inserted to the pole and tighten with a pole clamp. Small black sickle holder is for pole 1 1/4 dia and big black sickle holder is for Pole 1 1/2 diameter.


Waist Knife (Code: 916)
Available sizes: 105, 125, 135

Harvesting Aluminium Alloy Pole (Code 918)

The Palm Harvesting Aluminium Alloy Poles are designed to be light, strong, and durable in nature. It has 3 different diameters, i.e. 1 1/4”, 1 1/2” and 1 3/4”.

The Harvesting Sickle is placed in a sickle holder at the edge of the alloy pole and tightened with a pole clamp.

If the palm trees are more than 7 years, you may combine 2 alloy poles by using a double clamp.

Fibre Sickle Cover (Code 919) / Chisel Cover (Code 921) / Sickle Cover (Code 922) / Axe Cover (Code 923)

Safety cover for sickles / chisels / axe / bush knife. They reduce accident when in transit or while carrying it.

It is made by long-lasting material and will not easily damaged.

Yellow colour of all covers are made in compliance with international safety regulation.

Palm Fruit Loading Net (N51)
The Palm Fruit Loading Net is used to assist the loading of FFB into the FFB Truck.

Loose Palm Fruits Net (N52)
All loose Palm Fruits can be collected and placed in this type of net.

Truck Security Net (N53)
It uses to cover and prevent the loaded FFB from falling off from the FFB Truck.

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